Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Plymouth Recap

We set up at the Plymouth show last Saturday. We had a great time as always, we love that show. It's a small show in the basement of the church but it's very much like family. All the dealers in our room, which is the main room, know each other by name, we all joke around with each other. There are a ton of just casual collectors rather than the high rollers out to make a buck. We don't mind those guys because we make good money on them but the conversations with the casual collectors are just fun.

It was actually a fairly slow show compared to normal. Come to find out the kids football league started that morning. They scheduled it a couple of weeks ago, Josh scheduled his show months ago. 

We sold a few showcase and a bunch out of our boxes but towards the end of the show, we sold all our dollar boxes and our rookie boxes. Needless to say, that boosted our sales for the day.

We did pick up a few cards, I had actually forgot to take actual photos of them but I did post them to our Instagram story so I screencapped them.

I guess I could have cropped them down some. Oh well, you get the idea.

Next weekend (this coming Sunday), we will be in Shipshewana at the largest show in the area. It gets a ton of people some come and see us for some of the cards above, plus a whole lot more.

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