Saturday, August 19, 2023

Michigan City Recap

Kevin and I set up at the FOP in Michigan City today. It's only a 45 minute drive from home which is always great. The first time we did this show, back in March, we were 1 of probably 3 card dealers. Everybody else had toys and comics and stuff like that. It has become a real card show as 99% of the dealers are card dealers, pokemon or sports, but almost all cards. This was our 3rd time doing this show.

We had a decent show, as far as our showcases go, we sold more NFL than NBA or MLB. NBA doesn't surprise me as it hasn't sold well since the season ended but baseball usually sells. We sold some wax and our singles out of the boxes as well. Nothing really outshined the other. Usually something does better than the other but I'd say it was pretty even for this show.

I don't really have any pick-ups to show you as the only cards we picked up were PC cards. Kevin picked up some great looking Vintage Braves cards as well as a couple of autos and I went a little nuts on some quarter boxes.

Next week we will be in Plymouth for one of our favorite shows. Between the great dealers, all the kids that show up and all the food made by the church ladies, there is nothing to not like. It'll be our 9th time setting up there.

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