Monday, June 5, 2023

Another nice pull from our blasters

You may remember back in April when we sold a Mega of Bowman Platinum and a kid paid $60 bucks for it and pulled this.

Ohtani autographed die cut #'d /99

He has since had it graded and it pulled a 10 so now it's worth over $1k easy, probably closer to $1200. BTW, Trevin pulled another Ohtani auto redemption a week later.

Saturday, we set up in South Bend which is a local show for us but has always been good to us as well. One of the dealers that we set up next too in a couple of places, bought some Stadium Club blasters from us. For his $15, he pulled this.

Jim Abbott orange autograph #'d /5

It may not be an Ohtani autograph, but it's still a pretty sweet pull and it's another Angel. I was happy for him and he decided to keep it despite my efforts to purchase it as I PC Abbott. Hopefully I'll wear him down in the future.

We have next weekend off as my son is graduating and Kevin is heading to North Carolina for a graduation but we will be back at it the following weekend in Michigan City. We will have our usual cheap blasters and wax so come and see what you can pull.

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