Monday, September 4, 2023

Shipshewana Recap

We had another great show in Shipshewana. It's the 4th time we've set up there and every one has been great. It got a little stuffy in there for awhile with the 90+ degree temperatures outside and the air condition struggling to keep up with the hundreds of bodies in there at one time but it was well worth it.

We sold a bunch of unopened product (blasters & megas), all of our boxes did well as our showcases. Usually one or even 2 of the 3 do well but it's rare when all 3 do. We actually sold some basketball out of our showcases, last week we sold a couple to a fellow dealer, that was the first time in months. This past weekend we sold quite a few out of the NBA showcase. 

It was non-stop all morning until the early afternoon. Kevin didn't get much of a chance to go walking around and do some shopping but we had plenty come up to the table to purchase.

We picked up all of these plus a 200 count box of assorted cards. They should all be ready to go for the next show. When and where is that, you ask?

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