Sunday, September 17, 2023

Show Recap - Mishawaka

We had our 2nd show in 2 days today. We set up at the 2nd Mishawaka show. We set up at the first one and did pretty good for a first time show but today we probably only did half as the 1st one. That doesn't make for a bad show, most certainly not our worst. There were probably some reasons for it being slower such as it was a Sunday show and there were 3 shows yesterday that people spent time and spent money at. I think that was the majority of the issues.

We did spend some money though.

Lots of great cards up there. We also bought a small box of mostly $1 cards for those boxes as well as a small stack for the $3-$5 boxes. They should all be available at the next show in Warsaw.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Kalamazoo Recap


Just a quick post as we are setting up again tomorrow at another show. We set up in Kalamazoo for the first time today. It was a decent show, we liked our tables as we loved having a counter behind us except that whole row of tables that we were in, weren't lit up really well so we'll make sure to bring some lights with us next time.

That being said, we still had a decent show and will definitely be back. It certainly wasn't the promoters fault that it was dark as it was his first time promoting. He did a pretty good job promoting the show and that is where they normally struggle. There was pretty good traffic through the majority of the show and that was with another big show around an hour away.

We ended up picking up some cards as well. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, we usually post these as we pick them up in the stories.

                        #'d /10                                                          #'d  1/1

These will all be available at our show tomorrow which is in our home town of Mishawaka.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Shipshewana Recap

We had another great show in Shipshewana. It's the 4th time we've set up there and every one has been great. It got a little stuffy in there for awhile with the 90+ degree temperatures outside and the air condition struggling to keep up with the hundreds of bodies in there at one time but it was well worth it.

We sold a bunch of unopened product (blasters & megas), all of our boxes did well as our showcases. Usually one or even 2 of the 3 do well but it's rare when all 3 do. We actually sold some basketball out of our showcases, last week we sold a couple to a fellow dealer, that was the first time in months. This past weekend we sold quite a few out of the NBA showcase. 

It was non-stop all morning until the early afternoon. Kevin didn't get much of a chance to go walking around and do some shopping but we had plenty come up to the table to purchase.

We picked up all of these plus a 200 count box of assorted cards. They should all be ready to go for the next show. When and where is that, you ask?