Sunday, April 30, 2023

Man Cave card show recap

Yesterday, we headed up to Stanton, MI for the 2nd annual Man Cave show. We were both looking forward to this show as we have a good working relationship with the guys. You may remember the 60 something boxes that they gave us to sort and sell for them, plus we buy and sell to each other all the time. Even though they are 2 1/2 hours away, we see that at a few different shows as they travel quite a bit to buy or set up at shows. Plus a few other dealers we set up with were going to be at the show so we were looking forward to it.

I wasn't sure about the set up as they put tables around the outside of the gym with the middle of the gym wide open but once the show got rolling, I think it worked well. It spread everyone out a bit instead of being crowded together plus I think it helped all the tables get seen since you pretty much had to go all the way around to exit. We were placed right in front where you walk in, across from the Man Cave tables and right next to Reckless Cards who we've been getting to know since the last Shipshewana show.

We brought a bunch of blasters and we marked off our $1 boxes at 50% and we sold a bunch of both. We're trying to weed out the $1 boxes because we are debuting all new boxes at the Shipshewana show towards the end of May. The 50% off boxes will keep showing up until then so hit us up for some great cards at half off.

The Man Cave had a couple of autographs guests including their co-owner, former NBA'er, Chris Kaman. We talked a little with him at our table and he sent over an autographed card to us that we had given to the Man Cave awhile back.

He seemed like a pretty good guy in the short time we talked to him. We appreciated the card. It's going into the Sluggo PC.

We didn't do a ton of buying but we did do a little bit.

The Reggie Wayne auto is #'d 5/5 and the Ronald Acuna jr auto is #'d /100.

The rest of our pickups.

After the show we headed over the their shop to pick up some cards. I mentioned above the 60 plus boxes of cards they gave us. We've gotten rid of the majority of them. I want to say we only have 6 more boxes left. Well, they had a few more cards that they wanted us to get rid of for them.

Like I said, just a few. A ton of binders that we'll have to pull all those out of and put in boxes. Needless to say between our show stuff and all this stuff, we had borrowed a van for the trip and it all barely fit. We'll be busy for awhile.

Come and see us next week in Huntington, Indiana. It'll be our first time at this show as well. The pick-ups up above will be debuting at that show so come see us for more blasters, and we'll refill the dollar boxes and they will be marked down 50% off.

Click on the shows tab to see where else we'll be in May.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Sneak Peek - Fort Wayne


Do you want a sneak peek on what we will have in Fort Wayne tomorrow? 

We stocked up on more blasters and mega's for the show. Check out these prices and get there early to grab them before they go.

Don't forget the pull we sold last week (see the last post). Who knows what's in there for your $15-$25.

We also have Mega's cheaper than your retail stores.

We price our blasters to sell, not to get rich. You can see the plastic seal on all of our stock.

Collegiate and pro cards.

As I said above, these are priced to sell so get to Fort Wayne early for the show and scoop them up. You will struggle to find them cheaper anywhere else.

How about a sneak peek at our showcases.

Get there early to grab these deals before they go. We do not sell online so you have to catch us at a show for these deals. Check out the shows page up top to see where we'll be.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Stevensville recap

We set up in Stevensville on Saturday. It was a first time show and not very big one so we weren't sure what to expect. It ended up being a pretty good show, a lot better than expected. They had Andre Rison signing autographs for a couple of hours and he seemed pretty genuine. He hung out a bit after the autograph session and just spent time talking with people. It was good to see someone like that just hanging out with people.

Our big story was we've been carrying around a couple of Mega's of Bowman Platinum, probably for a couple of months. We had $60 on them when they retail at $90, we never expected them to last long but here we were, a few months later still there. They promise 2 autos a box, I can't tell you how many times we talked about opening them. Well, they finally sold to a 14 year old who was also set up at the show. He bought both boxes at $120. He came back awhile later to show us his big hit.

Needless to say, it was well worth his money. You can see it's serial numbered to 99. The last couple have sold on Ebay for close to $400.

As I said above, we had a pretty good show and won't hesitate to sign up for another one there in the future. I don't believe they have a date for their next one.

This coming Saturday, we will be back in Fort Wayne for the 7th time. The only show we've done more is the Plymouth one which we haven't missed one since we started going there. Fort Wayne is monthy but we don't usually hit it every month, there are enough shows that we do so we are usually in Fort Wayne every few months. Come out and see us, flyer is below.

It is a pretty big show, last I heard it was 130 tables and it's sold out.

Be sure to check out our Shows page at the top to see where we'll be in the future.