Sunday, April 14, 2024

Show Recap - Fort Wayne

We set up in Fort Wayne yesterday at our usual tables. It was a busy show, it usually is. I don't think we've ever had a bad show there. It seemed slow business wise but once we got home and checked the finances. It ended up being a better show than we thought. Our wax sales were fairly slow compared to usual but wasn't horrible. It helped we sold all 3 of our dollar boxes in one shot at the end of the show as well. 

Kevin will be working on getting those filled again for next week. We didn't do a lot of purchases but here is a couple.

A couple of CJ Stroud. That was all for the big cards. We had a few smaller purchases not worth mentioning.

We will be traveling up north for our next show.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Show Recap - Lake Station

We were on our way to set up at the Lake Station but just off of the highway we take, me met up with someone who contacted us off of Facebook and wanted to buy some blasters and megas. We don't normally do that but I personally know the guy and he spent a good chunk of change so we made an exception. After dropping off his goods we headed out.

We got there early as we always do and not long after we set up, another guy we know showed up and bought all of our Mosaic and Donruss blasters and Megas. On top of that, he spent $500 on our singles boxes which if you've bought from us before, you know we discount a bunch when you buy in bulk so they got a ton of cards.

We were already set up for a great day before the show even started. It was pretty steady the rest of the day and then our last sale of the day was we sold all 3 of our 2/$1 boxes to another guy. Needless to say, we had a pretty good show.

This was the 2nd show we've done here on New Years Eve day and both were pretty good so hopefully it becomes an annual tradition.

We picked up a few cards along the way as well.

All those will be available at our next show which will be in South Bend on Saturday.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Show Recap - South Bend

I need to get better at posting show recaps since the last 3 posts here are all South Bend show recaps.

We had another great show in South Bend which is the usual there (other than that fairgrounds show). Which is why we try to hit every one they have (we've only missed one because we had previous plans).

We sold a ton of blasters and megas. Completely sold out on our NFL Mosaic blasters and we started the day with 27 of them. We sold a bunch of other blasters and a few megas as well but that was the big seller. I remember selling out of our MLB Bowman Platinum megas (we started with 3) and our NBA Mosaic blasters (I think we had 3 of those as well). It's not hard to fathom when you see our prices, we're usually quite a bit below market value.

All 3 showcases had at least a few holes by the end of the show, which is rare. NBA hasn't sold well since the last season ended but since the new season is getting ready to start, hopefully it'll pick up some. MLB sells all year but usually slows down after the World Series but it hasn't slowed down yet. NFL always sells.

We didn't sell a ton of our box cards which we normally do. We did sell quite a few, probably a little under 100 or so, but usually we'll have a big sale of 100 or more cards and we just had a bunch of minor sales. The most cards I remember selling to one person was 34 cards but they were all from the 2/$1 box.

We also picked up some more cards to fill up those holes in the showcase next week.

Picked up a couple to replace the NFL holes.

And some MLB. The Garvey is numbered 1/5 and the Jackson is numbered to /75. I think the Abreu might be numbered to /5 as well but I forgot to look and I don't have the card in front of me. The Michael Harris will probably go to Kevin's PC but the rest should all be available next weekend as we double dip again.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Show Recap - South Bend

We set up at the South Bend show yesterday. I know, we just did last weekend too. This was the same promoter as last weeks but last weeks was a different venue. It wasn't intentional to have them back to back but some other things got in the way and it is what it is. The venue we did this past weekend is the usual one when we do the South Bend show. 

We always have a decent show and this one was no different. We felt like the crowd wasn't there like it usually is but we still did pretty good.

We did do a little buying, as we usually do.

Most of these will be available at our next show this coming Saturday in Fort Wayne.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Show Recap - South Bend

We set up early Saturday morning at the South Bend show after getting home earlier that morning from the White Sox/Padres in Chicago.

They do a show every month at the local American Legion and it got to be so popular with a waiting list that they branched out to do some at the fairgrounds where they can do over 130 tables. I believe next year, the plan is 9 shows at the Legion and 3 at the fairground to equal once a month. 

We missed the first show at the fairgrounds because Kevin had tickets to the Braves/Cubs games that weekend so this was our first time. We were told the first show was excellent so we were excited to do this show.

While we did alright, it wasn't nearly as much traffic as we were expecting, I feel like we have more traffic at the Legion. This show date got moved because of a conflict with another big show so that might have had something to do with it, plus it was a nice weekend. The Notre Dame game was a late game and was away so that shouldn't have effected attendance which is something they have to schedule shows around in the fall.

We did pick up a few things that should be available at our next show.

We picked up a few basketball earlier in the show. Basketball hasn't been flying off the shelves but the older stars still tend to sell.

We searched out some football because we sold quite a few out of our showcase football so we needed to replace some for the next show. Where will that next show be?

The afore mentioned Legion in South Bend.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Show Recap - Mishawaka

We had our 2nd show in 2 days today. We set up at the 2nd Mishawaka show. We set up at the first one and did pretty good for a first time show but today we probably only did half as the 1st one. That doesn't make for a bad show, most certainly not our worst. There were probably some reasons for it being slower such as it was a Sunday show and there were 3 shows yesterday that people spent time and spent money at. I think that was the majority of the issues.

We did spend some money though.

Lots of great cards up there. We also bought a small box of mostly $1 cards for those boxes as well as a small stack for the $3-$5 boxes. They should all be available at the next show in Warsaw.