Monday, January 1, 2024

Show Recap - Lake Station

We were on our way to set up at the Lake Station but just off of the highway we take, me met up with someone who contacted us off of Facebook and wanted to buy some blasters and megas. We don't normally do that but I personally know the guy and he spent a good chunk of change so we made an exception. After dropping off his goods we headed out.

We got there early as we always do and not long after we set up, another guy we know showed up and bought all of our Mosaic and Donruss blasters and Megas. On top of that, he spent $500 on our singles boxes which if you've bought from us before, you know we discount a bunch when you buy in bulk so they got a ton of cards.

We were already set up for a great day before the show even started. It was pretty steady the rest of the day and then our last sale of the day was we sold all 3 of our 2/$1 boxes to another guy. Needless to say, we had a pretty good show.

This was the 2nd show we've done here on New Years Eve day and both were pretty good so hopefully it becomes an annual tradition.

We picked up a few cards along the way as well.

All those will be available at our next show which will be in South Bend on Saturday.

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