Sunday, November 5, 2023

Show Recap - South Bend

I need to get better at posting show recaps since the last 3 posts here are all South Bend show recaps.

We had another great show in South Bend which is the usual there (other than that fairgrounds show). Which is why we try to hit every one they have (we've only missed one because we had previous plans).

We sold a ton of blasters and megas. Completely sold out on our NFL Mosaic blasters and we started the day with 27 of them. We sold a bunch of other blasters and a few megas as well but that was the big seller. I remember selling out of our MLB Bowman Platinum megas (we started with 3) and our NBA Mosaic blasters (I think we had 3 of those as well). It's not hard to fathom when you see our prices, we're usually quite a bit below market value.

All 3 showcases had at least a few holes by the end of the show, which is rare. NBA hasn't sold well since the last season ended but since the new season is getting ready to start, hopefully it'll pick up some. MLB sells all year but usually slows down after the World Series but it hasn't slowed down yet. NFL always sells.

We didn't sell a ton of our box cards which we normally do. We did sell quite a few, probably a little under 100 or so, but usually we'll have a big sale of 100 or more cards and we just had a bunch of minor sales. The most cards I remember selling to one person was 34 cards but they were all from the 2/$1 box.

We also picked up some more cards to fill up those holes in the showcase next week.

Picked up a couple to replace the NFL holes.

And some MLB. The Garvey is numbered 1/5 and the Jackson is numbered to /75. I think the Abreu might be numbered to /5 as well but I forgot to look and I don't have the card in front of me. The Michael Harris will probably go to Kevin's PC but the rest should all be available next weekend as we double dip again.

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