Sunday, October 1, 2023

Show Recap - South Bend

We set up early Saturday morning at the South Bend show after getting home earlier that morning from the White Sox/Padres in Chicago.

They do a show every month at the local American Legion and it got to be so popular with a waiting list that they branched out to do some at the fairgrounds where they can do over 130 tables. I believe next year, the plan is 9 shows at the Legion and 3 at the fairground to equal once a month. 

We missed the first show at the fairgrounds because Kevin had tickets to the Braves/Cubs games that weekend so this was our first time. We were told the first show was excellent so we were excited to do this show.

While we did alright, it wasn't nearly as much traffic as we were expecting, I feel like we have more traffic at the Legion. This show date got moved because of a conflict with another big show so that might have had something to do with it, plus it was a nice weekend. The Notre Dame game was a late game and was away so that shouldn't have effected attendance which is something they have to schedule shows around in the fall.

We did pick up a few things that should be available at our next show.

We picked up a few basketball earlier in the show. Basketball hasn't been flying off the shelves but the older stars still tend to sell.

We searched out some football because we sold quite a few out of our showcase football so we needed to replace some for the next show. Where will that next show be?

The afore mentioned Legion in South Bend.

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