Friday, April 14, 2023

Sneak Peek - Fort Wayne


Do you want a sneak peek on what we will have in Fort Wayne tomorrow? 

We stocked up on more blasters and mega's for the show. Check out these prices and get there early to grab them before they go.

Don't forget the pull we sold last week (see the last post). Who knows what's in there for your $15-$25.

We also have Mega's cheaper than your retail stores.

We price our blasters to sell, not to get rich. You can see the plastic seal on all of our stock.

Collegiate and pro cards.

As I said above, these are priced to sell so get to Fort Wayne early for the show and scoop them up. You will struggle to find them cheaper anywhere else.

How about a sneak peek at our showcases.

Get there early to grab these deals before they go. We do not sell online so you have to catch us at a show for these deals. Check out the shows page up top to see where we'll be.

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