Sunday, January 1, 2023

Lake Station Recap

The Lake Station show started off slow and probably would have stayed that way but we ended up with a couple of really big sales that boosted the day's totals. We got pretty wiped out on our showcase stuff as far as the basketball and football goes. We sold some of our baseball as well but not like we did the other. One of the big sales was actually out of our boxes, from $1 cards to our $5 cards but one guy bought a ton of them. Some people don't take the time to go through them but there are a ton of great deals in there. Once someone takes the time to go through them, we see them come back over and over at different shows.

We did pick up a few things as well, you should have seen them on Instagram but I'll throw them up here as well.

The baseball pick-ups. The Soto is a photo variation, love the Expos jersey on that one.

Some great basketball pick-ups as well.

We picked this one up right before we left. Those are autos from 3 guys I grew up watching play. We really love this card.

It was a great show in the end and we'll probably go back and do it again. If you want to see all the above cards better, be sure to follow our Instagram as they will eventually get posted there.

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