Sunday, September 19, 2021

Another Saturday, another show

Hello sports fans,

I know we haven't been around here too much but we're still out there buying cards. We've gone to a few shows since last time as well as picked up some stuff at the LCS. The card shows have been nice, not only for the cards were getting but we've been making some good connections in the area so when Sluggo's Sports Cards becomes a reality, we've got some people to work with.

We headed up to Kalamazoo, MI today for a card show at the KWings Event Center. It was a small show and there wasn't a ton of high end stuff but any card show is better than no card show.

Along with a couple of stacks of $1 - $5 cards, we picked up these nice cards as well.

Al Kaline auto, numbered to /15

Miguel Cabrera autograph/relic numbered to /20

Cole Kmet & Chase Claypool dual autographs, numbered to /10

Joe Montana autograph

Larry Bird autograph, numbered to /40

As you can see, we came away with some good stuff with more shows to come. We already know about at least one more this month and have been told they are working on another.

Happy card hunting!

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