Sunday, July 4, 2021

What's to come

Just a quick post to show some of our inventory when we are up and running. 

These are pics of some of the inventory from when Sluggo was moving up here.

Needless to say, it probably took as long to unload the cards as it did his furniture and belongings. He's been buying some collections out while he was in North Carolina. These are some of the pics I had on my phone from the last collection he purchased.

In the bottom photo, you'll notice the Bench rookie autographed. If you can zoom in on it, you'll notice that the grading company put Pete Rose on it. 

Did you notice the quad autographed card in the top photo?

That is a nice card! Graded 9, #'d to 5 with those 4 studs on it. 

We've got another incoming package, I'll show some stuff off there when it comes in. These were just photos that he sent me when he was purchasing it, now that he's up here, I'll be able to take actual photos and have better posts.